Get your own beautiful IPFS photo website powered by NFT's and stored directly in your digital wallet.

Easy setup in three steps:

  1. Signup using Metamask
  2. Upload Image
  3. Convert to NFT
  4. Share your link

Simple. Beautiful. Fullscreen image gallery websites hosted on the interplanetary file system.

nftSlider allows you to easily create and share fullscreen image galleries using only a Metamask wallet. Think of it as Imgur for fullscreen galleries, a site that fits in-between a static image site and a video site. See demo

These galleries can be used to showcase ideas, products, services and even help market a business, realtors for example can share photos of properties for sale.

Upload images to nftSlider and include a name and description (with an optional photographer and website link) and sign the Metamask transaction to pay "gas" fees. Once uploaded the uploaded images are available as a gallery at the link provided.


Make sure you have Metamask installed and are connected to the Polygon Mumbai testnet.


Add image, name, description and click upload button + Metamask sign to add image to gallery.


The first image and name you upload is your profile picture and is not included in the gallery.


nftSlider is completely "onchain" it has no database and all images are served directly from the blockchain.

What is Metamask

Metamask is a web3 wallet that allows you to interact with a blockchain and decentralized applications. In the case of nftSlider it is used to upload, store and retrieve decentralized images. Credit: Suhail Kakar

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